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Cold Storage Door Series
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The classification from outside to inside

outside layer:Platform unloading electric sliding door,including door cover,door seal,anti-collision device,sight  window

Medium Layer:used for the out and in of product,electric rolling door,radar sensor, geomagnetic induction,remotely control,open and close manually

Inside door:insulation door with polyurethane material,the size depends on the door hole,single door and double door,manual and automatic

The picture as follows

Cold door according to the use of functional points: the outermost platform unloading class electric sliding door generally covered with door frame door anti-collision device observation window to form a set of dedicated platform discharge doors
The middle of the rapid import and export functions of the electric shutter door with radar sensor, geomagnetic induction, remote control, can be manually open and stop.

Cold storage thermostat general use of polyurethane double-sided color steel (stainless steel) the overall foam from the cold storage door, according to the size of the door can be made into a single door, double doors and manually open the two can be open.




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