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who we are

we are committed to build  the cold room from the design,purchase,management,construction,and after service and the one step professional builder

what can we do

we specialize in the  construction under the 40 million (architecture and other filed no included),we can provide the design,the equipment choice,budge,quality,and professional construction service

our clients

The electric trade about the fresh food,cold chain logistics,food processing,biological and pharmaceutical product,agricultural plant ,poultry ,research apartment

where we are



China,Central Asia,Southeast Asia,Africa

Our Staff

we consist of the experienced engineer,electric engineer,special-skilled worker which have years of experience,including 200 employers


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Hao Cool Refrigeration is the leading designer and manufacturer of cold storage and refrigeration equipment. Within the high quality iulated panels, energy-efficient refrigeration systems, Combined yea of exteive experience and our co-worke’effort that makes Hao Cool to be the Leader in the field of cold storage cotruction and refrigerated warehouse logistics. With capabilities range from a small cold rooms to a large refrigerated warehouse, Hao Cool Refrigeration can meet any
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