Staff And Position

Human resource objective

we are committed to becoming a team with good cooperation,experienced skills,high responsibility and achievement and forming the self-inspiration,self- control,self-management,self-development talent growth mechanism

Recruitment hiring
A. Uphold the "ability priority, good moral" principle, employ all the talent and talented personnel.
B. "Germany and can" is the recruitment of the two most important standards. In the recruitment and hiring to focus on education, but not only education; recognition of experience, but not only experience.
C. According to the company in different periods of strategy and objectives, to determine a reasonable talent structure.

Employer policy
Judging employees with practical ability and development potential. Good at learning, daring to innovate, the courage to deny the self, constantly challenge the limit, and constantly create outstanding performance of the staff is China Enfei outstanding talent.
B. Respect for talent, but not to accommodate talent, any talent must be subject to organizational management and institutional constraints.
C. Follow the "sage home, the wise side of the side, who can be home, flat down the" principle, eclectic selection of talent.
D. Talent configuration complementary advantages, reasonable structure, the formation of joint efforts.
E. Establish a number of promotion channels on the basis of open access to technology channels to create equal opportunities for development and encourage employees to develop through their own efforts.
F. Talent selection is not seeking full responsibility to encourage more results, allowing mistakes, but not allowed to make the same mistakes.
G. The establishment of competitive posts, can be on the next and the survival of the fittest mechanism, Pride complacent, ignorant, mediocre employees should be discouraged, illegal workers should be dismissed.

Performance management
A. To promote the performance of the target responsibility system, corporate strategic objectives are broken down into the various sector objectives, departmental objectives into individual work plan.
B. Performance evaluation methods above the vertical assessment of the main horizontal assessment, supplemented by horizontal. Follow the "objective, scientific, just and open" principle. Performance evaluation results are an important basis for calculating performance pay, job adjustment and implementation training.
C. Cadres at all levels attach importance to performance management process to promote employee performance improvement.

salary incentives
Principles of Salary Distribution
A. Respect for the reasonable interests of employees, the establishment of performance, ability-oriented, material incentives, spiritual incentives, supplemented by the diversity of value distribution system, and to the outstanding staff tilt, so that the real contribution to the company to get reasonable s return.
B. In the economic downturn, as well as the cause of the temporary development of the stage, or according to the needs of the development of the business, will give priority to the implementation of automatic pay system to retain key talent and highly dedicated employees to ensure that companies through the storm.
A. The factors that determine the level of employee salaries are: the position of the company's value, the actual contribution of the staff (ie, job performance), the corresponding labor market price.
B. Different levels of different types of employees will use a different fixed and floating ratio, while the floating part of the performance appraisal linked.
The bonus is a reward for employees who have made outstanding contributions to the current or current year. The factors that determine the bonus are employee performance, departmental performance and the firm's own economic benefits.
Welfare insurance
A. Strictly abide by national laws and regulations, to provide staff with legal insurance benefits.
B. According to the needs of employees and enterprises to afford to establish a moderate welfare system to improve the safety and security of employees, quality of life and social reputation. Welfare systems include: commercial insurance, paid leave, cultural and sports activities and other forms of welfare.

Learning development
Advocate active learning, differentiated learning, sharing learning.
A. To promote passive training for the staff to take the initiative to learn, the human resources department in a broad understanding of the needs of staff learning based on the company's strategic orientation, staff capacity differences, training fees, etc., to provide internal and external learning opportunities, and Comprehensive use of a variety of means to establish employee learning platform.
B. In accordance with the "job needs, taking into account the potential development" principle for the staff to provide learning opportunities, and comprehensive use of a variety of means to establish employee learning platform.
C. Refining experience, lessons learned, knowledge and information sharing is the main way of human resource development, the work of words and deeds is the best learning. China Enfei advocate: everyone as a teacher, learn from each other.

Career channel
A. On the basis of improving the technology development channel, gradually establish and open the project management, functional management and other professional channels. In order to facilitate the staff specializes in the development of enterprises to make greater contributions.
B. Opportunity is equal before everyone. Any employee promotion is based on its own real performance and ability, the performance and ability of employees to match their job requirements, both people have their jobs, but also to its people. With the increase in the sense of responsibility, the ability to enhance, you will be in China Enfei will be greater power and responsibility opportunities.
C. Emphasize openness, fairness, and orientation, and constantly attract business people to enter the company's core team. Stressed both ability and political integrity, have a good professional ethics.
D. Through the top-down, from the focus to the general way, the progressive implementation of career plans.


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