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  Some Experience Sharing in the Cotruction of Cold Storage At present, the cotruction of the new cold storage project, the production of cold storage, storage cycle is a larger, more and more macro. Small to 1000 to, large to 10,000, 50,000, 100,000 to of scale. Whether it is the meeting of all sizes, or the direction of investment decision-making enterprises are relatively cold investment in in查看详细 >>
  Generally we would provide custome with a general diagram, so that custome can more intuitively undetand the entire cold storage project. The following is our technicianfor a project diagram. The project has been completed. 查看详细 >>
  Through the research and production practice, we believe that: the cooling device for scientific and rational design and matching composition, and through the main operating paramete of the system carefully, correctly and reasonable control of the control, can make the refrigeration unit in the most economical and fair work Conditio, safe and reliable operation, while achieving the largest cooling查看详细 >>
  Focused on the refrigeration industry for more than 10 yea, at the beginning , the company after the sale of the focus of the point of view of the refrigeration project, weaknesses from the traditional cold chain project design, procurement, sales, itallation to the refrigeration field supporting engineering product design, The integration of the italled integrato.查看详细 >>
   Some pictures of cotruction 查看详细 >>
  Project acceptance is completed, the full delivery of the owne to use. Guidance training operation control system, the entire cold storage circuit system, safety regulatio, failure after-sales program solutio, and other technical problems. The following are the same as the " 查看详细 >>


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Hao Cool Refrigeration is the leading designer and manufacturer of cold storage and refrigeration equipment. Within the high quality iulated panels, energy-efficient refrigeration systems, Combined yea of exteive experience and our co-worke’effort that makes Hao Cool to be the Leader in the field of cold storage cotruction and refrigerated warehouse logistics. With capabilities range from a small cold rooms to a large refrigerated warehouse, Hao Cool Refrigeration can meet any
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